Mistaken Identity – Part 3 – Partial

Part 3 – Partial

Before she could even respond to that, he covered her mouth as someone’s voice came closer to the closet.

“It’s on the inside of the door,” Gloria was instructing someone.

The door suddenly swung opened and a slender arm reached in, grabbed the white shawl hanging on the door and the door slammed back.

She pushed Jerome away and quickly put on her dress. Jerome zipped it up for her.

“Did you see that?” Gloria inquired.

“What?” Denise asked.

“In the closet.”

Dana shoved Jerome to the back of the closet behind the clothes and moved in front of the door just as it swung open.

The entourage stood behind Denise, who was glaring at her.

“What the hell are you doing in my closet?” Denise demanded.

“And what’s wrong with your hair?” Gloria instigated.

Dana snorted obviously. “I fell asleep on your bed waiting for this boring wedding wedding to start and I messed up my hair. When I heard you all coming back I knew you’d pitch a bitch, Denise, so I ran to the closet.” She felt her dark shoulder length locks were going everywhere and tried to make sense out of them without a mirror.

A knock on the door and their mother peaked her head in. “The groom’s limousine just arrived.”

Denise forgot about Dana and quickly demanded for someone to help her with her dress.

Dana stepped out the closet and closed the door, wondering how were they going to get
Jerome to the alter without Denise or her stupid soros seeing him.

“Trisha,” Gloria called on of the soros. “Go make sure the groom’s men stay outside except for Andre and we’ll finish dressing Denise in the family room.”

Her sister didn’t protest once her dress was zipped back up and her entourage followed her out the room to take the backstairs to the family room.

Gloria caught Trisha’s arm and said, “Bring Andre up here. I’ll make some sense out of Dana’s hair.” Her tone was filled with disgust as if she dreaded the deed of even touching Dana.

Dana tried to leave out, but Gloria blocked her way.

“I was going to the bathroom downstairs,” Dana said. “I think I can fix my own hair.”

“No, you can’t and I won’t have Denise’s wedding ruined by you. You of all people know
she’s been waiting for this her whole life.” Gloria moved behind Dana and feverishly worked her hair back into the ugly bun.

A knock on the door came again and Andre entered the room. He was Jerome’s best friend and Gloria’s husband.

After a short kiss of affection, Gloria asked him. “And how late did the groom stay out drinking?”

Andre shrugged. “Hell if I know, but while we were around him, he never touched a drop. He ducked out the hotel about four this morning, moping about how Denise’s been denying him for the past six months.” His tone sounded just a little bit too proud. “I thought for sure he’d sneak over here to get a piece. He hit my cell phone at eight this morning to let me know he picked up a new tuxedo, instead of coming back to the hotel to get his. I got his anyways, just in case.”

“We haven’t seen him,” Gloria said, finishing up Dana’s hair.

“Let me call his cell,” Andre said worriedly.

Dana gasped knowing if Jerome was in the closet and his cell went off, Andre and Gloria would know where he was hiding.

“WAIT!” Dana screamed at the top of her lungs holding on to Andre’s hand before he pressed any buttons. “Should you just check the rest of the house before CALLING JEROME’S CELL PHONE TO FIND HIM?”

“You’re talking crazy!” Andre snipped and wrangled his arm back before pressing the buttons on his phone.

Dana breathed a sigh of relief when seconds passed and nothing was heard.

“It went to voicemail,” Andre said. “I’ll call again in a minute. How’s Denise? She okay? She hasn’t backed out yet?” He looked really concerned.

“Bossy and snappish as usual. Let me walk you out,” Gloria said, but looked back at Dana sharply. “Don’t get messed up anymore before the ceremony.”

Dana only nodded too happy to see them leave. When the cost was clear, Jerome came out the closet looking a bit sheepish, yet still devilishly handsome.

He started for her, but she put her hands out to stop to stop him.

“Not another step, Jerome Alexander Lott,” she ordered. This had been the most she’d ever spoken to him or any guy. “You would be a fool to alter a very important life decision, because of a silly fling you had with your soon to be sister in law! Denise and I may not get along, but I refuse to be the cause of ruining the day she’s waited for her entire life.”

Jerome looked almost upset at her soliloquy. “You’re right.”

“Furthermore, I apologize for everything. I was wrong to allow you to do that and even more wrong for letting it happen again.”

He frowned.

“Aren’t you going to apologize too?” she asked.

“Why?” he asked insulted. “I’m not sorry.”

She rolled her eyes heavenwards. He could be so incorrigible. “Then know this, Jerome. It won’t happen again.”

A smirk crossed those gorgeous thick lips of his making her heart jump. He approached her, but didn’t touch her. “We’ll see about that, Dana.”

Mistaken Identity – Part 3 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Sylvia,As usual, I LOVE this kind of high-drama! Keep it up. PS. I take back e-ver-y thing I said about harming you. **Smooches**

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