Baby Doll – Chapter 3

Five blocks from her home and the only thing that kept her legs going was a need to feel her warm soft bed with the fluffy pillows all around her. Yes, that would be just wonderful.Pendulyn had taken her shoes off and was now walking barefoot, dirtying the white knee hi stockings. Sparsely, she held … Continue reading Baby Doll – Chapter 3

Mistaken Identity – Part 3 – Partial

Part 3 - PartialBefore she could even respond to that, he covered her mouth as someone’s voice came closer to the closet.“It’s on the inside of the door,” Gloria was instructing someone.The door suddenly swung opened and a slender arm reached in, grabbed the white shawl hanging on the door and the door slammed back.She … Continue reading Mistaken Identity – Part 3 – Partial

Mistaken Identity – Part 1

Part 1“Lonely Ass Bitch!” shrilled her drunken twin sister, Denise, at least twice last night so everyone could hear at her bachelorette party. Of course, Dana couldn’t fault her sister for her verbal lashing. For some reason despite Denise’s success in her personal life that Dana could never accomplish, Denise was always venomously jealous of … Continue reading Mistaken Identity – Part 1