ScorpionPetting-LianaBrooks-v2-600Yeah, we know it’s a lot of them.

Yet, reviews help me help you.

I know you’re asking, “well how does it help me? I’m just a reader.”

Yet, you leave a lot of complaints on when I’m coming with the next book or can’t I write faster.

More reviews help me sell more books and more books mean more money which then I can relax about the bills and providing for the kids.

reviewpleaseRelaxing means I can think more of things I like… like stories. Lots of stories and fun characters and then…

I write. I have more time so I don’t have to work as hard, because you helped me sell books to pay those bills.

So in return, you get more books to read.


Easy peasy, right?

GoodReads | SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore

Also there’s a lot of statistics involved in the whole scheme of things but in short this is how some of it works. See below:


And not just on Amazon, but on Google, B&N, iTunes and other sites as well. I mean I work like a dog trying to get my name out there on people’s lips, but nothing beats a referral. Your lips and hands are more powerful than you know.

GoodReads | SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore

So, there are over thirty books I’ve written? Have you written a review for all of them? And if you’ve shared the book with someone, have you asked if they’ve written a review.

And those that have downloaded my work illegally; You know who you are.

Yeah you. I know you really wanted to support me, so now here’s your chance.

GoodReads | SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore

Other than reviews there are other ways to help your author (ME).


Thank you in advance for your help and all you’re doing to help me, encourage me and support my literary endeavors.

Here are more ways for the road to see how you can help myself and other authors out as well.


PS You always have my permission to share this with others.

I want to thank my SneakReaders and other fans for helping the downloads of these wildly popular titles.

Get Your copy at the link above or click here or give the gift of reading to other readers and share it so they may download their copy.

Nothing says I’m thinking about you than sharing a good book.



I know you’re just wondering… hey, this isn’t what I saw a week ago… as you delight in the newness of the site.

I know… My graphic designer friend Stephanie Lewis has been hard at work trying to get the site… perfect for me and I wanted to let her know how much I appreciate this.

This isn’t an easy site to organize…lemme tell you.

Especially when it comes to the bookstore.. still a work in progress and just wait til I start using Shopify, which I’m hoping WordPress will consider and app or that.

I don’t know why they cater to all the music people and food people and mommy people, but there are a lot of authors that use your site and having an app available for download books (with free or purchase options) so we can make a little money from the site would be nice to pay you back all the small fees you charge.

Just my rant, but much needed cuz I love my wordpressdotcom site. I really do. It’s so easy to maneuver update and just … just loved.

Where should you start on such a complicated website?

the front page of course…

It kinda helps you see what’s new, updated and even my WIPs . I love my new covers I’ve attached. Popular links are to the right, things you need to know are to the right and at the bottom (a work in progress) and if you just don’t what to do, just go into the fiction bookstore and pick a book. (that’s a work in progress too)

Here is the WIP site to see what’s coming…


Well, there are still live stories from the past still posted so please go through and find them… good luck with that, but it should be listed in the fiction bookstore if it was a live story because the except will lead to it.

There’s more to come. I’m so excited about the future possibilities at The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard. With the live story, Possibly the November writing challenge (big possible) and much more, please subscribe for updates and continue to put your foot in my butt about what I need to do. I do appreciate it. I need it so much.

Maybe soon I can buy you all new shoes when i reach New York Times Bestselling status. I still have the list of party attendees from the last time I mentioned this, so you’re still on the list.

Thanks SneakReaders for all your support and please share away and don’t forget the reviews for Tanner’s Devil. I need them so bad!

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