Today I met a fan.

Not a book reader, or someone who knows the founder of Motown Writers Network.

She was an actual fan.

Her name’s Ravena

(I’m gonna use her name in my next new book. I like that one.)

She was awesome! She was the type of person that had experienced my books and not just read them.

It was delightful and I just had to share.

(Kill me now for not taking a selfie, which has been my behind the brain reminder.)

If I see Ravena again, I will, but I wanted to say to all the fans of my books, I wish I could just chew the fat with you in person… each and everyone of you.

It was really delightful and I just wanted to share.


So if you’re out and about and you see me, demand we take a selfie!

Thank you ! And thank you Ravena and all my fans!