The most wanted thing an author desires (and I’m speaking for myself mostly) is a review.

Short, long, good, bad, detailed, two words, whatever, an author craves this words from people who had taken the time to read what they have read.

Again I’m speaking for myself.

So I ask on this day that if you’ve read a book by me, could you go to the place you’ve purchased the book and add a review. Here are some of the places where my book is available.

Don’t know how to write a review? CLICK HERE for a detailed article on how to write a review.

If there are other authors you’d like to help out (or even help me out some more), here are two more links to find suggestions:

30 Ways to Help a Book Author Market His or Her Books

How to Help Your Favorite Author


Well, just check out my bookstore! Peruse and shop all you want!


And one more thing. If you have a website, blog or even social network (facebook or goodreads or other) could you write the review over there.

Tag me on Twitter or Facebook or contact me with the button below and let me know you’ve posted so I can enjoy what you’ve read: Short, long, good, bad, detailed, two words, whatever!

For extra special reviews, I would like to post on my website and showcase all over to my social networks as well.

I appreciate you in advance! And thank you very much!

Your author,

Sylvia Hubbard


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