Update on a work in progress Formerly Titled Grand Murder (Plus a new cover reveal thanks to #wip


December 1, 2012 by @SylviaHubbard1

I think my work in progress Grand Murder will be my next release for Amazon‘s exclusive select program.


Because I want another exclusive upload on the site and also because I don’t know how everyone will take this.

Lately, I’ve been getting some really horrible reviews in terms of them saying “I don’t believe any of what’s happening in this book.”

Now to my faithful readers who really like my writing, but there’s a few out there who just keep leaving comments that could really make me stop writing IF I already did’t have a strong backbone and constitution for those kinds of messed up critiques.

Back to the WIP

So anyways, this story was written somewhere between Deceptive Nights and Diary of A…

I go through that crazy faze of “I must kill someone” to “I just want a love story.”

If I were a serial killer that would be scary, but I’m a romance suspense writer and that makes me normal… right? LOL

Now I know you’re reading this on the edge of your seat, wanting to see the cover reveal. I’m excited to show you. This is the test one I loved.

The Murderer's Lover

I have to thank, Carrie from

Grand Murder(was tentative title)
The Murderer‘s Lover
Click here for excerpt
Her one time taking a chance in her life and she thinks she’s spent her first one night stand with the first publicized serial killer in Detroit, The Murder Capital! Now he’s stalking her and she believes she may be the next victim.
Bad thing about it is that she thinks she wants more of him.
Read excerpt
Tentative Completion Date:  Unknown
Tentative Availability: $2.50 (download) $13.00 (paperback)
Tell me what you think of the cover?


15 thoughts on “Update on a work in progress Formerly Titled Grand Murder (Plus a new cover reveal thanks to #wip

  1. Marcella says:

    Keep on keeping on my sister. You have enough of us that love and believe in you and your work. Don’t worry about the naysayers.

    Now when can I expect to see the conclusion of your last WIP? You left us in limbo, lol.

  2. Karen edwards says:

    Keep writing girl you rock

  3. stephanie says:

    Hi Ms. Hubbard,
    I love your books and your writing. Don’t worry about the haters, God will take care of them. He has blessed you with a talent. Please don’t take it away from us. As I said, I started reading your novels and stories at the end of last year, or beginning of this year, and so far, I have bought and read everything you’ve got out there except Stranger 2 Love. I am addicted to your writing and I love it. I am sure you have alot of fans out there that will over shadow those who don’t believe your writing. My motto is ” If you don’t believe, don’t read, leave it for us who do”. I have left plenty of reviews on amazon, since that is where I purchased most of the novels from. I say, keep writing and let us enjoy this God given talent that you have.


  4. Mrskt20 says:

    I like the cover. The dots sort if make my eyes hurt but it’s probably my eyes that’s the problem and not the cover. Can’t wait for the book to become available. I am ready to buy.

    • i wanted it to be as evasive as possible yet enticing enough to give readers a clue as to what’s going on. with the party girl theme the champagne glass worked and then the way she’s looking back really caught me.

  5. Linda says:

    You are doing a great job. I even told some of my friends about your books and they went and bought them. They are just as hooked on your books as I am so please keep up the good work.

  6. Shuerray says:

    I love your books Sylvia …..please keep up the good work ,

  7. Mona says:

    Nice cover. Dont stop writing your work is embraced by many. Some readers like being able to predict the ending and as any fan of yours know that is not possible. Your style of writing is misunderstood. Keep doing your thing.

  8. Tsiki says:

    Keep on keeping on my dear !!!!

  9. Bernadette Carter says:

    Whilst you’re talking about updates and Works IP, and you’ve re-introduced Armando Bellini, would you possibly revisit the story of Faith and Armando? I know the story broke at the time some weasel stole your laptop with all your work on it, but Faith, for me, is one of your most exciting female characters. She has personal direction, borne from adversity and is doing what she needs to do to be independent. I want to see how Armando operates outside his comfort zone and we were so close to seeing this…..

    Current story is intriguing. Shadow remains my favourite character. What a catalyst!!
    Keep going, Sylvia and to all the haters I say ” fools will find comfort with fools”.

  10. MONA says:

    I agree with everyone above. When you get tired of reading predictable, you read Sylvia!!!!!!!

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